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My Story

Through working with nature and the energy of Reiki , I believe there is a natural remedy for all ailments whether it be physical or emotional. 

I have been a Reiki Master since 2017 and gained my attunement within the stones of Stonehenge. I have passed on this wonderful healing energy to many people and animals who either needed comfort or to transform a part of their life. 

I have also held the space for those who wish to connect with past on loved ones or animals during a healing session or whilst their animal has been euthanised. It is a truly special and humbling event when working with clients in this manner. 

Using my gift as an animal communicator I can connect to your horse, dog, cat, lizard..any animal! Whether you require an onsite visit or a remote one. I can talk to your companion and pass on messages to help their quality of life. As well as being qualified in Animal and Equine healing and sensory enrichment. 

Tarot has been a part of my life since my early twenties. Reading for friends, clients and now pets. It’s a fun way to have the pictures convey the messages. Tarot is a reflection of life in picture form and I read the cards intuitively. It is a guidance tool as we all have free will in our lives . No one can predict free will. 


My Approach

I approach each situation individually. Therefore I have found that contacting me via email to discuss the offerings you wish to have and then connecting via phone works best. This way I can tailor make a session for my clients. I am available in person or via Zoom or FaceTime depending on what suits. Please do get in touch at

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