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Love with being


About Me

I’m Sally, a true believer in the magic of life. I use my gifts as an animal communicator, healer, tarot reader, psychic and medium.

 Through my work, in whichever capacity, I deliver positive and comforting messages from those who have past and our companions who are still with us. 


My Offerings


Tarot readings for you and your pet

Being an animal communicator I am able to talk to your pet and use the language of tarot to bring guidance. I work at dog festivals such as Goodwoof , village days and have been part of dog parties. It is fun and interactive! 

Equine communication and sensory enrichment

Provides your horse with a voice so that you are able to hear their point of view on any matter you may be questioning. Also I can give enrichment for those who are recovering from surgery or on box rest. Through the power of plants and healing. 

Reiki healing for humans and animals

A relaxing or transformative healing session depending on your requirements. Whether it be a one off treatment or if there is part of your life you wish to heal. I incorporate crystals when needed to amplify the session. Animal healing is for all species and can help relax and boost healing from injury

Whatever it is that pulls the pin, that hurls you past the boundaries of your own life. Even for a brief moment of total beauty, it is enough.


Medium readings

Mediumship evolved primarily as a source for people to connect to past over loved ones. To reassure them that they are still around and cared for. Linking into this realm, I am able to provide soothing messages with whomever wishes to communicate. 



Truly insightful and thoughtful approach to my Reiki healing session. Thank you!


My horse was floundering and I was very concerned about him. Sally linked in with him and put me at ease with the communication. He also now has treats from the natural world that have made such a difference.


I have had several tarot readings and they have all uncovered guidance that has helped me move past issues. For that I am grateful. 


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